Friday, September 16, 2011

Reading Challenge

Through that great website of I am able to hold up to a "Reading Challenge". When I joined that site back in March this year, I set my challenge to 50 books-to-read.
Because of the fact, that I already read 44 books so far, I decided to increase my challenge to 60 books-to-read.
I am excited to see, if I will be able to make it.

For my followers and friends on I am always glad for book recommandations. So don't hold back.


  1. Sup Deeva, I have some amazing recommendations for ya. I joined ur blog from GR. The Apocalypse Babes series by Bella Street is my absolute favorite series of the year. I love all the books and Bella Street. The Z Word (Apocalypse Babes Book 1) is FREE on smashwords, Nook, and Kindle. So you can pick that up real quick and you will LOVE it! The X Factor, iRobotronic, and KumBaYa Much are the other books out now. Bite Me will be out soon. I strongly recommend you read this series. The other books are all out in ebook form for .99 cents.

  2. I'm a new follower! Love your blog. I hope you reach your reading challenge goal!

    Amy @ Following The Reader

  3. @monkeystars: Thank you for your recommendations. I will definitely look 'em up asap.
    @Amy: Thank you for your feedback.

    Both of you, thank you for following.

  4. Cool du bist aber fasst da!! :) Und danke fur den follow an mein blog! :)